Monday, 20 September 2010

Cottington Community Garden open day on 25th September

Cottington Community Garden are holding an open day on 25th September from 11am - 4pm on Cottington Estate, Opal Street (just off of Kennington Lane).  There will be a cake stall, a fire engine and a raffle.  There will also be a chance to try grass head making and lavender bag creation and you'll be able to meet some of Lambeth's Master Gardeners.  Apparently, there are still some spaces available for table top sales, so people are welcome to sell crafts or old bits & bobs, but check first (call 07912 883 970).

Also, you can take a look at their Project Dirt site, which gives more information about their members, and what they're growing.  It sounds like a good way to improve your urban gardening skills or continue cultivating your green fingers.  I didn't know that the Cottington Estate had a community garden, so it was obviously a reasonably well kept secret!

See Rosie Boycott's Evening Standard article on the Gardens here...


Nicola said...

Thanks for the plug.
The secret is definitely out now as we also made into the evening standard on Thursday

SE11 Lurker said...

Nicola, thanks for the comment! I spotted the article yesterday. I'll add it to the above post for those interested :)

I presume you're the Nicola mentioned in the article... I was wondering about the section where you said; "This is a rough estate". Sometimes I feel as though there are two or even three different Kenningtons. Do you think Kennington is a rough place generally or just the estate the garden is on? I'm always interested in different perceptions of the area.

Anyhow, I hope to pop along to your community day!

Nicola said...

Mmmm, I did not exactly say that. Some artistic licensing was used for the context of a good story. A nice garden, with nice people on a lovely estate is not interesting reading I suppose!
We have our share of trouble like any mass of inner city housing squashed together. Also it depends on who you talk to and what you hear (and what you believe to be true).
So yes, there was some truth in it which is a shame but I think the focus on the garden and community shone through the 'tough end' angle.

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