Sunday, 22 June 2008

Ghandi's Restaurant

The three-wheeled pleb was accompanied this week to Ghandi's Restaurant. After visiting a friend in Vauxhall, and being hungry after work, we did the unthinkable and ate out during the week...

We visited at about 10pm and were seated immediately. Service was fast, food did not take long to arrive, but when it did.... Mmmmm. I particularly liked the fact that they did not serve too much food; the portions were very well sized. We started by ordering Poppadoms, and received two of them (there were two of us) with some great sauces, especially a slightly sweet mint yoghurt sauce. I do wonder though, whether two male diners with large appetites might not have needed a little more. Nonethless, we managed not to ruin our appetites by stuffing ourselves with poppadoms, which is our usual bad habit when visiting Indian restaurants...

We followed the Poppadoms with Karahi Chicken, Chingri Jhol (a prawn dish), pilau rice and peshwari naan bread. The coffee was great, and I enjoyed a lassi. Both of the main dishes were very subtly flavoured. The chicken arrived still sizzling at the table. The prawn was a little hotter than expected, but again, stuffed with flavour.

The service was excellent. We did not feel neglected or swooped upon. Also, we didn't have to book, and walked in at 10pm to be seated immediately. We kept glancing around, looking for famous people, but concluded that we would probably not recognise famous people even had they been seated next to us (which, as far as we know, they might well have been). The only way we'd have known that they were famous would have been if we'd recognised a voice from Radio 4! And besides which, we're not shallow enough to be impressed by famous people... oh no. So, after the hot towel treatment, we paid the bill (very very reasonble) and vowed to visit again with some friends.

Top marks to Ghandi's Restaurant!

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