Friday, 1 April 2011

Spring 2011 Lady Margaret Hall Settlement newsletter and call for Committee Members

The Lady Margaret Hall Settlement has a long history within the SE11 area and was set up in a house in Kennington Road back in 1897, with the intention of being an organisation that would "help bridge the gap between rich and poor and the parochial and other organisations operating in North Lambeth and the Vauxhall area".  At the moment, they're based a little further south, working from the Co-op centre in Mowll Street and particularly focused on an adult education programme, All Sewn Up.  This year, they also helped complete the sale of Vauxhall Gardens Community Centre at 100 Vauxhall Walk.

They're currently recruiting for new Council of Management members, so if you're interested in supporting local projects (meetings are reported to be about once a month) and helping a local organisation, there are several that you might consider.  Lady Margaret Hall Settlement is one of them.  They're asking for anybody "with passion who cares about South London" to give them a call on 0207 7931110.  (To be completely fair, I should note that there are at least 3 local organisations that could use committee members, so I'm happy to promote others too.  Just ask!)

In the meantime, do draw the organisation to the attention of Lady Margaret Hall graduates, and take a look at their new Spring 2011 newsletter.

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Anonymous said...

It's interesting to hear that after 5 years of sitting on the asset, the labour council is now deciding to sell the Beaufoy on the open market. You would have thought they would have got better value in 2007.

M Poole-Wilson
Kennington Conservatives

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