Friday, 8 April 2011

Carl Beatson Asiedu murder trial under way

On 1st August 2009, Carl Beaton Asiedu and Peter Lama were stabbed in Goding Street, Vauxhall outside the night club, Life, after their group, Kid n' Play had performed at the venue.  Peter Lama recovered from his stab wounds, but tragically Carl Asiedu did not.  I reported the incident several years ago here and here and mentioned back in March 2010 that an Independent journalist had gone behind the scenes to examine the way police work on murder cases.  I also noted that one man accused of stabbing Carl had fled to Nigeria.  This week, nearly two years later, two men are appearing in court, one charged with Carl Beaton Asiedu's murder and the other with Peter Lama's stabbing.  I've been receiving a number of blog queries about the progress of the case. 

Junior Ademujimi-Falade, 20, is accused of the murder of Carl and has been on trial at the Old Bailey this week.  He denies murder.  Unfortunately, a second man accused of murder, Jeffery Okafor, fled to Nigeria using his brother's name and passport and has effectively disappeared.  Back in July 2010, various members of Jeffery's family were accused of aiding his escape... more info from the Croydon Guardian on the matter.

Abu Mansaray, 20, is accused of stabbing Peter Lama and has also been on trial at the Old Bailey this week.  He has denied stabbing Mr Lama.

See the BBC article on the stabbing too.

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