Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Good news for Vauxhall Gardens Community Centre

Despite the impending public sector cuts hovering around the other side of the election, and the likelihood that the voluntary sector will feel the squeeze, Vauxhall Gardens Community Centre has been delivered some superb news in the shape of a brand new community centre.  The new centre is a number of years away from delivery, but contracts have been signed and the VGCC have been granted security of tenure at 100 Tyers Street (their current home) in the meantime (not bad for something that began life as a squat 25 years ago).

CLS holdings (a development firm) will enter into a partnership with VGCC and buy 100 Tyers St from Lambeth Council, in exchange for building the brand new centre nearby.  Thanks to Kate Hoey's introduction, the development committee of the VGCC pursued independent conversations with the developers over several years (it sounds as though initial discussions through the Council were not successful) and the deal has been completed.  Well done to all involved.  I know the discussions have taken years to come to fruition.

This is very exciting news for the Community Centre, at a time when social spaces appear to be in decline.  Hopefully the impending improvement of Spring Gardens (which is about to return to its old name, Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens), will also be positive news for all who are to find themselves living and working in the shadow of the very tall buildings to be erected in Vauxhall.  I'm currently waiting for an email from Cllr Prentice for more information about the pillars that are going up aside the entrance of the park (could somebody prod her, if they happen to pass in the corridor?)

For greater detail, and to view a draft copy of the new lease, take a look at the VGCC news page.


Anonymous said...

Councillor Prentice is actually a woman!

SE11 Lurker said...

Apologies, I've changed the pronoun. For some reason, I thought it was "Derek Prentice", but it turns out to be "Sally Prentice".

I'm wondering whether I've emailed the correct person now.

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