Saturday, 12 February 2011

Florian Place / 8 Albert Embankment exhibition photos 2011 - (Plans amended to reduce tower heights)

I'm going to add my own comments to these later this weekend, but for now, I'm uploading for anybody that hasn't had a chance to go to the exhibition.

In the meantime, I've received an email from a few people asking how to comment on these proposals.  You need to access 10/04473/FUL on the Lambeth Planning portal and click "submit comments".  The developers submitted their new plans to Lambeth  well before the 11th/12th Feb planning exhibition.  On the Lambeth planning portal, the final date for comments  is technically 11th February which makes the developers appear underhand.  Apparently though, the development wasn't publicly advertised until recently so the official end date for comments is 21st February (in my view, Lambeth Council should amend the portal), but in reality submissions will be accepted until the development goes to the planning committee around April or maybe June.

Board #1 helpfully shows the totality of the site.  It's a large piece of land and includes more than the 8 Albert Embankment frontage.  Note that there's a small block that will be developed just the other side of the railway bridge:


Naomi Siderfin said...

How can a label cloud about vauxhall exist without the inclusion of Beaconsfield? Cultural bastion at 22 Newport Street for 15 years with one of the only decent places to eat in the area (the Ragged Canteen) on site...

SE11 Lurker said...

I know that I've blogged about Beaconsfield in the past. I've obviously just not tagged it. I'll have to sign up for an events email and add their events to the calendar.

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