Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Fentiman Road incident - male in his thirties died in suspicious circumstances

A 36 year old male died at a property in Fentiman Road, Vauxhall at approx. 5:30am on Monday 31st January.  Police have named him as Anthony John Bates.  The death, reportedly due to head injuries, is being treated as suspicious and another man, Gary Speight (aged 30), has been charged with his murder. Police have been guarding the property on Fentiman Road in Vauxhall since the morning of February 1st, and were still at the scene a day later.  At least 6 forensic officers investigated the flat wearing face masks and full protective clothing.

The property is still covered in police tape and the northern end of Fentiman Road (opposite Vauxhall Park) was initally closed off. The incident was first linked to a gas leak, but this has not been confirmed. The information above has been released through the Police Press Bureau. However, police on the scene have been advised to tell residents that a "serious incident" has taken place, but are not giving out further information.


Anonymous said...

Being one of the neighbours I can tell that someone was carried out dead from the same flat just before Christmas time, the whole flat was also completely ripped in pieces, no walls or kitchen cupboards left, a complely drug den

Anonymous said...

Which flat? Top, middle or bottom?

SE11 Lurker said...

I'm not sure. I saw the forensic folk moving around the first floor, so I would assume that's the middle.

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