Sunday, 23 January 2011

Incident on Oakden Street (leading from Bishop's Terrace)

An incident took place on Oakden Street at 18:30 last night, when a section of a house on the road collapsed.  Four houses on the street had their rooves and attics exposed as a parapet linking them together became detached.  At first, the cause was thought to be a gas explosion, but this claim was dismissed by the on scene firefolk.  Approximately 50 residents were evacuated and there were no injuries.

ITV news were present, so there's a report you can watch here.  11 fire appliances were called to the scene, and a crane was brought in to assess damage.

Photos from @disappointment here:
Stupid iPhone. I'll never get my dexter fletcher scoop o... on Twitpic Stupid iPhone. I'll never get my dexter fletcher scoop o... on Twitpic

And here's another photo from @mrsdog showing the crane:
and here's the crane dealing with the collapsed roofs on... on Twitpic

And here's how it all looked this morning in the cold light of day:


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Anonymous said...

Wasn't a great timing for the residents - we had to shelter the evacuees for hours until they were allowed back home...

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