Thursday, 7 October 2010

Another accident on Kennington Park Road and accident on Camberwell New Road. Traffic chaos.

There was another accident this evening on Kennington Park Road (just opposite Kennington tube station) at about 19:40, involving three cars, a Volvo, a Renault and another unidentified car.  The driver of the Volvo had to be cut out of the car, and the roof was removed (similar to the accident last week on 30th September).  There were no fatalities, but the accident in SE11 was serious.

Another accident also occurred at some time this evening (approx.18:00) on Camberwell New Road near to Taximedia and the southern entrance of Kennington Business Centre between a motorcyclist and a small car.  A neighbour reported that the motorcyclist flew across a car and on to the pavement.  Unfortunately, the motorcyclist was killed and the fatality has been confirmed by police.  A witness photographed the police's arrival.

Due to the above accidents and another unconfirmed accident in Peckham (possibly this was the one on Albany Road / Urlwin Street), and the earlier accidents in Elephant and Castle (at least one motorcyclist fatality on New Kent Road), buses were diverted and traffic chaos began at 16:00 (estimated time of New Kent Road accident) and is still ongoing late this evening.  There was also a person under a train at Charing Cross, which closed off the Bakerloo line during rush hour, and a gas leak on Kennington Park Road near to Magee Street.  The traffic chaos that ensued caused much of South London to come to a halt.

If you have further information about any of the accidents, please feel free to comment.

The standard of driving in South London is atrocious, but four accidents


Anonymous said...

Yes, the standard of driving in South London is atrocious. This isn't a racist dig, instead just my observation from having lived in a number of different countries, but I guess that's what you get when you have a large number of residents who've migrated from third world countries where human life isn't worth as much.

mubashar said...

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stephenth said...

yes I witnessed this chaos, I was on a bus from Liverpool st.. it took 2 hrs to get to brixton where I got off and walked home to brixton hill, In Brixton there was a digger digging up the road outside M AND S, which caused a posh gent to knock a cyclist, then a crowd gathered, the police came and all the poor commuters were held up again, complete madness, the police dont seem too concerned about the plight of commuters.

Carol said...

I hope no one was seriously hurt from these accidents. From your last statement, I hope people have learned from their mistakes and basically make the appropriate rules on road safety.

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