Wednesday, 6 October 2010

VNEB Exhibition - Tideway Wharf - Part 3 of 5 from Vauxhall Nine Elms Battersea Exhibition

I'm not going to provide any commentary on these (not this week, anyhow), as the Tideway Wharf section of the VNEB proposal is nowhere near SE11 and thus I've no knowledge of it at all.  I've added these boards and models on account of requests to upload the entirety of the exhibition.

Part 1 (Ballymore section) of VNEB exhibition is here.
Part 2 (Lambeth Council section) of VNEB exhibition is here.
Part 4 (Sainsbury's Towers section) of VNEB exhibition is here.


Mark said...

In case you're interested... this development is actually quite controversial as it puts the Tideway Village (a vibrant, unique community of houseboat residents) at risk.

The developers at the moment are now seeking to treat the 'issue' of the Tideway Village as a separate topic, not part of the current plans. But it's hard to see how the two communities will coexist will coexist when Tideway Wharf is complete.

Anonymous said...

Can they please stop building tall buildings all the way along the Thames?

zecks said...

well if this does get built at least it will look nice because it was designed by richard rogers. CABE support the general principles of the design

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