Saturday, 22 August 2009

Oval Farmers Market and SE11 and SW9 wander

A late start to the day meant that by the time I arrived at Oval Farmers Market, much of the cake from Cakehole London had been magicked away. I'm quite excited by the fact that we have an SE11 cake business and shall therefore return at an earlier time to take a photo of the stall with its cakey goodies (they do take orders if you need cakes locally). I can recommend the blueberry apple crumble cake. Yumm.

After that, we had a wander around the top of Brixton Road. The delicatessen on the corner (number 2, I think), near the market is closing, but is being replaced by another one. See pics below:

I didn't realise there were so many good restaurants at the top of the road at the edge of SW9. Adulis (an Eritrean one) looks particularly good, and so does the Oval Tandoori (Indian).

One of my favourite adverts is at the top of Brixton Road... if you look carefully, it encourages you to smoke (for the sake of your throat), a legacy of times past:

After that, we went for a quick coffee at the Kennington Park cafe (it's worth a visit as the coffee is excellent, and the staff are very friendly). I took a picture of the underside of the helium balloon, currently advertising to everybody watching cricket at the Ashes:


Kake said...

I quite liked Adulis (RGL review is here). There also used to be an Eritrean/Italian place either next door to Adulis or a couple of doors down - Isola Verde. Not sure if that's still there.

Anonymous said...

The top of Brixton Road is great (fried chicken shops notwithstanding). If you're there again, I'd recommend popping into Malinka the Polish deli and, further down, Cafe Van Gogh, on the corner of Mowll Street. We also used to have the very nice cafe, run by Alison Price, caterer to Elton John and others, but that closed recently.

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