Thursday, 6 August 2009

New Gym in Vauxhall

No, it's not quite SE11, but local residents finally have access to a new gym in the vicinity, just over the border in SW8. I complained bitterly back in April last year that the only gym within walking distance of most of SE11 was Paris Gym (the gayest gym in town, which just happens to have a male only policy). Well it appears that some good has finally come of St George Wharf down by the river (either that, or MI6 decided that their spies were getting fat).

It looks as though the St George Wharf management have signed a new gym contract with The Gym Group. And the really good news? (Keep this one quiet, or it might become popular... it's open to those of us who have tightened belts for the credit crunch.) Sign up now and they're offering membership for £15 per month - I'm not linked or subsidised with them in any way, but I don't need to be to say that that's a great price. Also, there is no contract (it appears to be monthtly payments) and no sign up fees (at least for now). It's likely to be basic eg. no swimming pool, but for brand new equipment 24 hours a day, it's a great addition to the area (by comparison, Paris Gym will set you back £460 per year). The place opens on August 10th.

If you see somebody who hasn't exercised properly for years panting away in the corner, you can even come and say "hi" :)


Anonymous said...

there is also the southbank club which is at 124-130 Wandsworth Road,London SW8 2LD - a stone's throw for residents of SE11. I think it's about £20/month for non-squash membership and it's a massive gym.

St George wharf is surely a great success in and of itself , given the area's housing shortage.

Anonymous said...

I use this gym a couple of evenings a week. It is pretty damn busy up to about 19:00, but seems to quieten down after that. It's pretty gay though (at least around the free weight and machine weight areas)!

Anonymous said...

if it helps Crossfit is coming to Vauxhall at Crossfit Se11. (

Its part of crossfit london and their members and trainers are a cool mix of professionals where sexuality isn't an issue. Really great functional training, so Adult gymnastics, olympic weightlifting and high intensity all wrapped up into one class! really beginner friendly

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