Monday, 2 February 2009

Kennington park and Kennington SE11 in the snow - amazing sculptures

Taken about an hour ago in Kennington Park:

These amazing sculptures have been designed and executed by local students at the City and Guilds of London Art School. They were supposed to be in college! Apparently, the first sculpture only took an hour and a half.

This one was the largest snowman in Kennington park:

This was my favourite Kennington Park snowman. Look carefully and you'll see he's from Columbia and is enjoying a drink!

An amazing snow bird, spotted on Kennington Park Road:

These three photos were taken this morning at about 8:45:

This is at the entrance to Kennington Park:

More Kennington Park this morning:

Kennington Park Road on the way to work this morning at 8:45:

Crossing Kennington Park at about 16:00 this afternoon:


bron said...

I LOVED Kennington Park being full of snowmen!

Three wheeled one said...

Here's hoping that they stay around for another few days! :)

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