Thursday, 29 January 2009

Council tax - good news

I've been a bit lax of late, about updating this blog. There are a number of local events taking place, and much information is available elsewhere through, for example, the Kennington Association news blog, and also on Stockwell News, but I'll keep trying to highlight events from time to time as well...

One of the first things worth commenting on this year is the council tax freeze. I think it's worth saying "yay" about the fact that Lambeth council have frozen council tax for the next two years. Info gained from the Labour Councillors' Princes Ward blog, SE11 Action team, here.

On the other hand, are we impressed by the scale or depth of detail re. the consultation over 81 Black Prince (I went into further detail about this in my last post here)? No. We're not the slightest bit impressed to receive only two days notice that there is to be a meeting with the developers about 81 Black Prince Road, organised by the Council. Whilst it appears that their blog was updated on January 22nd to inform the public about the meeting, it appears that many of the interested parties did not receive an email until January 27th.

So... The meeting about 81 Black Prince Road is tonight from 5pm to 8pm at the 81 Black Prince Road site. The postcode for the site is SE1 7SZ.

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