Thursday, 19 February 2009

Round of News in SE London, and quick note on Brixton market

SE11 is still very quiet at the moment. The only event of note is that the Kennington Association will be having a bazaar on Saturday (21st Feb) from 11am-1pm. More details on the KA blog.

Consequently, I bring you only the pieces of exciting news that have caught my eye in the South East:

The Peoples' Republic of Southwark (courtesy of Camberwell Online) are hoping to set up a Public Meeting to increase Real Life interaction between people in Camberwell to involve more local people with their surroundings. More details on CamberwellOnline blog.

Again from Camberwell Online, funding has been approved for Phase 2 of the East London Line extension which will put more of South East London on the overground/tube. There's a lovely map (for those sad types that like to see coloured lines linking things together) from another blog here. It will be interesting to see how this might create possibilities for better joined up thinking in South London.

I forgot to mention that the nasty, ugly 23 storey building, destined for the end of Black Prince Road in SE11 didn't get the go ahead. London-SE1 did a report on that. There is likely to be an appeal, so we'll keep our fingers crossed. My only concern is that another developer might dream up something worse!

And finally... I'm not too sure how serious this threat is, but I've caught whiff of news which suggests that there is a company who hope to build on Granville Place (part of Brixton market). It's not possible to oppose the plan yet as it hasn't been placed on Lambeth Council's online Planning database. The Friends of Brixton Market have quickly put together some info. and have given instructions about what you can do to keep the market in place and to stop Brixton becoming some sort of trendy shopping mall. I like the market down in Brixton. I think it has great character, and some of the few fresh fish stalls left in London, so I'd be sad to see it turned into a bastion of smart looking chain stores, especially considering that Elephant and Castle will probably go that way any way (and surely with better reason than Brixton). Isn't there a limit to the amount of chain stores that any town centre needs...?


bron said...

I enjoy your blog randomly having moved round the corner from SE11 to SW9. Am deeply appalled at the idea of Brixton Market getting a 'makeover' - it is not what London needs.

Three wheeled one said...

Hi Bron,

Thanks for enjoying my Blog :) I hope (as the weather warms up) to have more to say about SE11. I posted the link yesterday on the "real life" stuff in Camberwell, as I think it's a shame that so many people live so closely together, but there's often a lack of "local area" interaction...

If you can do an SE11 related food post eg. where you get good food in the area, I'll highlight your blog too :)

All the best,

Threewheeled one

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