Friday, 25 April 2008

Surestart Children's Centres and the last of the blasted dry cleaners.

I'm afraid I added some of the more interesting bits of SE11 before I started the blog, so now all I have to add are the dull sections!

The last dry cleaner (the one named Ascot in Dryden Court) is, apparently according to a random website (linked on the map), the dry cleaner for Buckingham Palace. Not sure whether or not to believe that. Also, Google has never heard of "Dryden Court", although it does know Renfrew Rd. That reminds me... I must see if I can write to the relevant Google bods to mention to them that a search for "SE11" should not reveal "Kennington, Surrey". I'm not sure that by even an extreme stretch of the imagination, SE11 could be counted as Surrey.

In addition, I've added three Children's Centres (formerly Surestart Centres). That, of course, prompted a Google search which revealed another five unknown nurseries. Argh! I expect tomorrow will cause me to search further and find even more! The really odd thing about Kennington is that it doesn't seem to be bulging with young children. I suppose it's just one of those sad facts of life that if one does not move in the sphere of people who have young children, one doesn't bump into them in London very much. It's even more tricky with nurseries to find out if they still exist - at least with shop fronts, one can walk past. With nuseries, I can hardly knock on the door of a private looking house and explain I need to know whether they contain children, for the purposes of drawing up a map! Also, like any of these things (it will no doubt be a problem with the non-establishment churches, and underground hippy movements), if they're not linked very well through Google, one has no idea if one is referencing the same thing on multiple occasions, or indeed, even referencing organisations that have ceased to exist.

Oh, and finally, I've launched an Adword campaign to attempt to boost comments and viewings of this blog. I've had 1 click from 34294249742472 page viewings (well, it's not quite that bad), so that hasn't worked so far!

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