Monday, 21 April 2008

Everything left to add

There is still quite a lot to be added to the map, despite the fact that I feel I've been working on this for a while.

A number of restaurants/cafes particularly in the Vauxhall "high street" area still need to be added.

I'm completely missing nurseries, and I'm not too sure what is happening with the government Surestart initiative. There are a few shops tucked away, just off of the north end of Kennington Park Road, a hairdresser among them (I think). There are probably quite a few hair places that are still missing.

There are a few odd shops dotted around eg. the junk shop on Kennington Lane, and the whole of Lambeth Walk that need to be added. Lambeth Walk is tricky because the northern part of it is covered in charities/organisations/businesses that are difficult to categorise. Also, I have obtained a web list of all businesses in Kennington with postcodes. I don't know what 3/4 of them actually are, and listing random businesses seems to be beyond the map's remit (due to being more interested in sites open to the public)... But how do I decide which businesses to list?

I have a rather insane notion that once I have finished adding all of the markers on the map, I will photograph each place and link it to the markers, so that there's a visual historical record of what once existed.

I don't think anybody is reading this yet, but if they are, please could you say if there is something I've not included (unless it's a restaurant/cafe)?

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