Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Kennington Park Road and Jamyang Buddhist Centre

Today I've done some work on Kennington Park Road, adding two convenience stores and a dry cleaners. I think I've located 4 dry cleaners in the area (Pink Express on Kenningon Road, Dry Cleaners (further up Kennington Road on Wincott Parade), Estate Express Dry Cleaners (Kennington Park Road), and also another one that I still need to add somewhere near Dryden Court. Adding the slightly less noticeables businesses, such as dry cleaners and pharmacies is tricky, just in terms of being able to say whether or not they definitely exist!

Also, I finally got around to adding Jado, the new Kennington Book Shop and the Furniture Mart on Kennington Lane. I'm quite a fan of the Furniture Mart (although its name is slightly misleading if it leads you to think that the place is large!).

I'm adding extra details to certain markers. I've added the two Needle Exchanges (probably to the horror of many SE11 residents), which are conveniently located on markers that offer other services! My main interest is to make the map as useful as possible to anybody that finds it, so I have resolved to list absolutely all information and services provided, despite the fact that some of them wouldn't feature on top of everybody's lists! Also, I've started to standardise the format so that one line under the postcode, I'll add an official website if I can find one.

I noticed I'd neglected to add the Jamyang Buddhist centre's website (now rectified). I was really pleased to discover it had a cafe. Decided to add the cafe as another marker, as it's a bit awkward knowing how to list markers that fit into two categories. I've never been to the Buddhist centre and was interested to find out how much they have on offer (library, accommodation - it's quite a bit). I will walk by as soon as I'm in Kennington for longer. There's another Buddhist centre in SE17, which makes me wonder whether South East London has been particularly hospitable to Buddhists in the past. Unfortunately, it appears that the cafe is not currently operating (at least, not according to the website), but that's part of the difficulty of creating a "real time" type map.

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