Wednesday, 17 March 2010

LGBT Community Safety Questionnaire

The police are currently doing some work in trying to find out what LGBT residents, workers and visitors to Lambeth are looking for from the police on the issue of community safety.  Working on the basis that SE11 is the pinkest area outside of Soho (sadly, I don't have stats), I'm hoping this will reach a fair few LGBT people in the vicinity.

If you're LGBT, consider filling in a questionnaire (it's very short) and letting the police know whether you feel consulted and included, and how they might improve, if necessary.

Click here for questionnaire.

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Joseph said...

I am rather concerned that the police stats for Lambeth show a 47% increase in homophobic hate crime over the last year. This tallies with similar figures from Manchester and across London. Although this can be put down to increased police reporting it is worrying. It is also significant that race related hate crime fell in the borough by 8% over the same period.

As a gay man and also a disabled person, I am making hate crime against both groups an issue in my general election campaign for Vauxhall and will be bringing this up with the Police Consultative Forum.

Joseph Healy
Green Party Parliamentary Candidate

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