Friday, 16 October 2009

Kennington scaffolding and Kennington Tandoori

One (or several) commentators have asked whether I know why various shops/flats on Kennington Road are covered in scaffolding.  I've made a few enquiries amongst local people in the know, and the answer seems to be that the shops/flats on Kennington Road are having external decoration renewed (paintwork and parapets).  Nothing more exciting than that. 

Also, I've noticed that Kennington Tandoori are gutting the restaurant for a refurbishment.  I haven't had a chance to look at the notice to see how long that will take, but the rumour-mill suggets that they have exciting plans to develop "outside eating" (hopefully not in November!!).  And excitingly, a week ago, I saw workmen in the now-defunct Franklins.  It would be great to hear what the plans are for that location (and whether it's true that the KT emporium will expand there), if anybody has more info.


Kennington Association said...

Houman Meshkati is moving Amici into what was Franklins, hoping to open in mid-November, calling it Old Friends (in Italian).
The present Amici will likely become a steak and burger bistro, Houmi tells me.

Best wishes

John M said...

I was in Amici this weekend and what Cathy relates still seems to be the plan; with a hope to get the old Franklin's back in service as new Amici within a few weeks' time.

I don't know about the exact nature of plans for the Kennington Tandoori but when I poked my head inside the whole of the roof was off. It was an empty shell so it seems they are undertaking an entire rebuild.

Anonymous said...

Re KT tandoori - they have had to undertake signficant structual work as it was at risk of falling down

Anonymous said...

rumour has it that the new KT will have a private room

Anonymous said...

The new KT is great. Prices bumped up a bit but well worth it as the atmosphere and food is better than ever. And the lighting is very flattering!

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