Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Mansion House Pub seeks seven day opening until 4am

You'll all be pleased to hear that a new pub is to open in Kennington (or, perhaps I should more accurately say, Newington, but more on that later) just next door to the Old Red Lion.   Mansion House Pub (46 - 48 Kennington Park Road) is to re-open (allegedly some time in May, although they'll need to get a move-on if the scaffolding is anything to go by).  Theoretically, it's good news.  The pub plans to specialise in Real Ale and "pan-Asian cuisine" (I confess I'm a tad sceptical about the cuisine... would you ever visit Toulouse Lautrec if they said they offered pan-European food?  Possibly not.)  But a new pub/restaurant beats an empty building, and new jobs are good for the area so you might tell me to quit whinging.  You all miss my whinging, right?

I predicted some time ago when the Old Red Lion were opening that two pubs would be unfeasible on account of the fact that the Public House business has become mired in regulation (smoking ban) and taxation (on just about bogging everything), and a lot of people (judging by the top deck of my bus) prefer to drink straight from a can of Tesco's lager...  Also, Kennington is stuffed full of pubs at present, and it's hardly THAT far to walk between the Old Red Lion and the White Bear Theatre Pub, is it?  Sid Boggle (a reader here at Lurking) has heard heard that the pub might be named Oaka, presumably because the company that owns it is named Oakham Ales.  How original.  Let's hope they change their mind... 

The local SE11 public might rather hope they'll change their mind about something else too.  That is, the opening hours.  If you go and take a look at the hoarding outside, and you happen to be 8 feet tall (I am not joking), you will see that the Oaka or Mansion House or whatever it's called is applying for licencing hours from 7am to 4am.  What, just on Saturday nights?  Umm, nope.  That would be EVERY NIGHT.  If you don't believe me, you can go and read the Licencing Application on the Lambeth website.  And if that wasn't enough (because, arguably, people that drink until 4am are known for their quiet comportment), they've applied for live music licence from 10am until 3am!  Oh dear.  Clearly somebody didn't do their research.  Remember the hubub when the White Hart/Tommyfield threatened to try and open until 1am.  The Cleaver Square residents got their way, I believe.  Gosh, it would be great if a modern, suave, inner-city, urban-priest would show up at this point to protect our poor "run down" Kennington and save the day...  I wonder whether there might be the odd loose canon in the area who could lend a hand?

Fortunately, some rather tall soul has noticed this attempt to ruin our quiet residential area (ignoring the double red-route main road that never sleeps) and has scrawled in GREAT BIG letters on the hoarding "4am", so I spotted it as I strolled around the area.  Surely it's illegal to place a licencing notice so high up that nobody can actually read it?  Already a concerned reader and local resident emailed me to ask for support.  So, here is some support:

46 Kennington Park Road is in Princes Ward.  Cllr Stephen Morgan (our resident enthusiastic emailer), Cllr Mark Harrison and Cllr Lorna Campbell will no doubt only be too pleased to hear from you.  They have actually posted the news on their own blog, but judging from lack of comments, nobody is reading!  Just click on their names, and you can send them an email!  Why not email them all for good measure?  There's more information about Making A Representation re. licencing here.

I'm rather late off the mark, so you'll need to send in a response by 27th April 2012.  Be quick, and can somebody tell the Kennington Association et al?


Cllr Steve Morgan said...

Dear Lurker,

Thanks for the mention in your posting. I just wanted to give some more information on the issue.

On 4th March I emailed 924 residents of the ward to tell them about the plan, including you, Cleaver Square residents and Kennington Association members. The email is below.

To date 2 people have responded to me to say they support the application. 2 have said they are against.

I was also made aware of the notice being at a height and contacted the licensing team. They responded to say, “Thank you for bringing this to our attention, the applicant has been advised of this concern and intends to address this by bringing the notice down to eye level today.”

If this has not been done then I would be grateful if residents could let me know.

Also do let me know if you support or object to the scheme but do send your comments direct to the licensing team so they are aware as well.

Cllr Steve Morgan

From: Morgan,Stephen R Councillor
Sent: 04 April 2012 18:21
To: Morgan,Stephen R Councillor
Subject: Mansion House Pub on Kennington Park Road

Dear Neighbours,

The Mansion House Pub on Kennington Park Road is currently being refurbished and has just submitted an application for a premises licence. You can view the application below.


If you wish to comment on the application you can find out how below.



radar said...

Does it have a garden? I can't see another pub in the area working but especially not without a decent area for the smokers. Looking forward to trying their new ales though. Any diversity beyond Fullers London vile will go down well. And did they ever sell that long-advertised freehold space between the two pubs, do we know?

SE11 Lurker said...

@Cllr Morgan

You failed to state in the email body that the pub was applying for licencing hours from 7am - 4am, so I imagine many people didn't click through to the link in question.

Cllr Steve Morgan said...


Given our exchange on Twitter in which I say "interestingly I have 5 emails about the Mansion House licence. 3 in favour and 2 against. Perhaps residents disagree with you?"

and you replied "Only residents that don't live directly opposite or around the pub. I've still some publicising to go...!"

I assume that means you think the pubs neighbours will be very interested in the plans and will object to the hours.

Surely that means that they can take 1 minute to click on an email link as well?

Also, one resident (who reads your blog and may well read this comment) emailed me to say that we should give the pub a chance and only seek to take action against any anti-social behaviour the pub causes.

I think I agree with that sentiment. Do you or would any pub with a licence to 4am be a problem in your opinion?

Cllr Steve Morgan

Anonymous said...

Slightly off topic, but Cllr Morgan's comment suggests he has access to the email addresses of all KA members. From what i can see, there is nothing on the KA website to suggest email addresses will be passed on to third parties. I'm not an expert on data protection etc, so would be grateful if someone from KA can explain why they have passed on contact details to a third party.

Kennington Association said...

Please be assured that the KA does not provide anyone with the names and addresses of KA members; we never have and never will.

Cllr Steve Morgan said...

Hello Anonymous,

I mention the KA as the SE11 Lurker said, "can somebody tell the Kennington Association" which is something I had already done via their generic email address and also directly to some of their members including the Chair.

I hope that clears things up.


Anonymous said...

KA,thanks for your post

It's good that you haven't provided names and addresses (I assume you mean residential addresses) of KA members to anyone.

But has anybody at KA provided KA members' email addresses to the Cllr? I'm afraid if that has happened, it's not legal.

please clear up the position on email addresses.

Thanks, Different Anon

Cllr Steve Morgan said...


Nobody has provided any lists to anyone else.

Hope that clears things up.

Cllr Steve Morgan

Anonymous said...

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Sid Boggle said...

I think this pub will be a destination pub, something Kennington doesn't have, and has never had, and it will bring beer lovers into the area. Not at 4 in the AM, though. I can't see why they need such a late licence, and it will be interesting to see how Lambeth's licensing committee decide.

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Mechanical Marksy said...


I'm supposed to be moving into the apartments above, and was told the license was until 11pm.. Or have I been told a fibb..?

Really hope that live music doesn't play until 4am every day.


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Anonymous said...

I live on Braganza street which yes isn't SE11 but SE17, none the less is closer to Mansion House pub than say the residents that live in Cleaver square.

I have no problem with the 4am license and agree that people should wait and see before jumping to conclusions. I highly doubt people will be in there every night until 4am. Hopefully it will be a lot like the red lion which is currently a great place to sit and relax. Any amount of noise coming from loud, drunk people will be drowned out by the sirens and mopeds that are a constant on Kennington Park Road.

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