Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Missing Cat (Cookie)

I had an email yesterday from Pierre, who lives on Monkton Street, to say that his cat, Cookie, has gone missing and has been missing since Sunday night.

In Pierre's words, he's "a very sweet and endearing cat – and we think that he is not too far from our house, just lost, confused and scared in someone’s back garden in the neighborhood." 

They've knocked on the doors of locals in St Mary’s Garden and Monkton Street and have been touched by everybody's concern.  In the meantime, has anybody seen the cat?


Luka said...

I guess Vauxhall Walk is a long way from Monkton Street but three or four days ago I saw a similar cat walking on the opposite side of the road.
I do hope Cookie will be found!

Anonymous said...

Cookie was found, thanks to the help of a neighbor. EVERYONE in the neighborhood was really helpful to us, thanks ALL< we are very grateful. All the best, Luuk and Pierre

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Anonymous said...

could you tell us how/where cookie was found?
I have cats and would like to store this knowledge away for if mine ever go walkabout!

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