Friday, 19 August 2011

Another cycle accident in Oval: Cricketer pulls across bus lane hitting cyclist

(Image taken from Precision claims website on 19th August 2011)

The Sun reports a cycle accident in Oval yesterday as England cricketer, Andrew Strauss was involved in a car accident with a passing 25 year old cyclist.  An eye witness estimated that the cyclist was travelling at about 20 miles per hour when he hit Strauss' Jaguar.  According to the Sun, the accident likely wrote off the bicycle in question and left a hefty dent in the car.

Fortunately, neither the driver nor cyclist was injured.  It's not entirely clear from the Sun's article who was at fault, although the Sun does report that Strauss pulled across the bus lane. 

The accident took place not far from Oval station where cyclist Catriona Patel was tragically killed in an accident involving a lorry in June 2009.

I'm trying to keep a close eye on accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists in and around SE11 (Kennington, Oval or Vauxhall and outskirts).  I'd be grateful if readers could leave a comment or inform me on Twitter @SE11_lurker of accidents witnessed in the area.


Anonymous said...

A cyclist apparently killed this morning just next to vauxhall station on the road leading busses onto the bridge.
Not seen any news regarding this so far!

Anonymous said...

I remember the cyclist death at Oval as I witnessed the immediate aftermath. The driver got a substantial sentence and since then the protective railings have been removed as they have elsewhere in London which has I hope saved lives. No one wants to see what I and others did that fateful day.

Anonymous said...

10/6/13 at 7.30pm, female cyclist jumping red light at pedestrian crossing on Camberwell New Road hit pedestrian full on. Unbelievably stupid cycling. Oval would be a good place to start proper enforcement of road traffic rules for cyclists.

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