Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Shooting on corner of Black Prince Rd / Tyers Street in Kennington / Vauxhall

I've been inundated with emails about a shooting incident on the corner of Black Prince Road and Tyers Street in Kennington / Vauxhall today.  A 20 year old man was shot three times just before 1pm.  Yesterday, the SLP described the man's condition as life-threatening.

UPDATE (14/7/2011): The Sun have named the 20 year old victim as Jaden McCalla and have noted that Jaden's brother, Anthony McCalla, is charged with the attempted murder of Thusha Kamaleswaran this year on March 29th in Stockwell.

The BBC report that the shooting occurred outside of the Jolly Gardeners (known to most locally as Zeitgeist). Witnesses heard multiple gun shots and police and an air ambulance were dispensed shortly afterwards, although the injured man did not travel to hospital in the helicopter.  Locals report that police took around 15 minutes to arrive at the scene and observed that police raided Arrowsmith House shortly afterwards on Tyers/Wickham Street in connection with the shooting.

Police pictured at the crime scene by Tweeter @stephenkhay and paramedics on scene from @Cainux.

UPDATE (13/7/2011):  The BBC have issued an update in conjunction with the incident, reporting that 7 males have been arrested and the victim is now said to be in a "serious, but stable condition".

Anyone with information should call the non-emergency police crime hotline by dialling 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or alternatively, email the local Princes Ward Safer Neighbourhood Team at princes.snt@met.police.uk


Eileen said...

I just want to advise that the police took just under 10 minutes to arrive at the shooting scene in Black Prince Road last month and not 15 minutes, as reported in various press and other articles.

SE11 Lurker said...

Thanks for the correction, Eileen. It's good to receive input from other local people.

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