Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Community rallies around single mother from Vauxhall: Donations to Vauxhall City Farm

(Image taken from an article in Get Surrey about Pimms arriving at the Rehabilitation Centre)

Yes, you read that right... Horse and Hound (a publication unlikely to be read by anybody around here, except maybe the Countryside Alliance) are reporting that our local Vauxhall City Farm in Tyers Street last year acquired a 5 year old pony (Pimms) who, unbeknownst to them, was pregnant.

On discovering the pregnancy, Vauxhall City Farm sent the pony away to a Rehabilitation Centre in Surrey (this reads as a story from the 1950s!!).  Her foal was born on Friday 27th May and has been named Saphie (after Bombay Sapphire).

Unfortunately, this has meant that the farm has had to pay for vet costs for Pimms and Saphie.  Obviously, this was not in the farm's budget for the year, and like almost all charities, they run a tight ship.  Vauxhall City Farm are thus appealing to the public for funds.

Local residents tend to be very generous towards the farm because they do some fantastic work with local young people and with disabled children, teaching them to ride and take care of animals.  If you want to continue the tradition of generosity, it's possible to donate securely to Vauxhall City Farm here.

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