Thursday, 19 August 2010

North Lambeth Writers Project - seeking submissions

The North Lambeth Writers Project (set up a couple of months ago) is seeking to publish its debut October edition on the theme of urban regeneration.  If you enjoy writing and have anything to say about regeneration (locally or otherwise), consider submitting it to them.  They'll accept prose, poetry and essays.  The deadline for submission is 15th September and you need to submit your writing (including name and home address) to

The definition the group cite for the word "regeneration" is taken from Greenwich Council's website:

Regeneration 'centres on the physical development of land, buildings, and new transport systems. [It also refers to] social regeneration in terms of skills, social and economic inclusion, prosperity, education, housing, health, community development and the environment.'
Perhaps you're wondering "am I in North Lambeth?".  The boundaries for this group are quite fluid and include the areas known as Kennington, Oval, Vauxhall, Vassall, Stockwell, Waterloo, and some sections of the South Bank.  In any case, your work will be considered if you live outside of the area, but choose to write about the locality.

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