Thursday, 29 July 2010

Owner of Queen Anne pub, Denise D'Courtenay, murdered in Dominican Republic

There was an article in The Sun this morning that noted that Denise D'Courtenay, the owner of the Queen Anne (strip) pub, in Vauxhall (it's the bright orange one on Vauxhall Walk) was murdered whilst taking her annual holiday in the Dominican Republic.  According to the Mail, her body was found a week after she went missing.  Her death is particularly tragic since she was due to retire next month.

According to the Sun, the pub was a haunt for "footballers, soap stars and rappers", which is somewhat surprising since I've always thought it looked a little intimidating from the outside (that's probably always the case when it's somebody else's local).  Anyhow, our area being what it is, I'm sure Denise was well known and loved by the patrons of the pub and other business owners.  Please feel free to leave any memories of Denise or the pub in the comments section.

Also, see August 2010 article re. the pub turning into the Tea house theatre, and there's a photo of the sign outside (thanks Twitter) that indicates it will re-open in April 2011.


Beauty and Health Editor said...

I read that she was being stalked by someone on the island, sounds like she knew the person and was seen with him on the day she disappeared.

From what I have read, Dominican Republic is quite dangerous, maybe the person who killed her wanted to steal her money or something. She may even know the person quite well.

It's just amazing, every day you read a newspaper and it always has some bad news, everyday.

Anonymous said...

I used to go to the Queen Anne regularly. Denise was a loverly, down to earth lady who did a lot for charity. I am disabled and she always looked out for me. I am gutted to hear the news.

RIP De. Love, Mark

Sandy said...

I am extremely saddened to read of Denise's appalling death as I was a regular if infrequent visitor to The Queen Anne. Though I never did get to know her personally, I always felt the pub was a warm and welcoming place and suspected something was not right when I went round there last Saturday to find it closed. I did, though, just put that down to a sign of the times. How sad that I was wrong.

Anonymous said...

I've only just read this. I live in Scotland now but was planning a visit to my old stomping ground including the Queen Anne.

The pub and Denise were both unique (and could both be quite scary!) and we won't see the like again. I had many happy memories from this place (including some amaxing xxx-rated parties!) but they'll be tained forever now. I'm absolutely gutted.

Anonymous said...

Dear Denise,

I've only just heard what happened to you and I'm so sorry to get the news.

This is Nicky from Finland. You know who I am - you always told me to put my hair extensions in and keep them there otherwise you wouldn't give me any shifts!


Anonymous said...

Denise I will miss u you made me smile

Anonymous said...

I had used the QA occassionally for more than 20 years. Visited after business meetings in London. So sad to hear of the Ladies death she was a star and prvided excellent entertainment for gentlemen.The QA a one off Its sad no one can take it over and continue the entertainment.

David K said...

Still miss D and the many great times at the pub.Did they ever catch anyone for the murder?

Anonymous said...

I loved that booozzzzzer is it still open

Anonymous said...

No its a tea room now :(

Anonymous said...

It's awful that she was murdered. However, she was NOT a lovely lady, she was an absolute bitch and incredibly nasty to many of the girls who worked there.

Anonymous said...

I can confirm she was not a nice woman. A friend of mine used to work for her as a stripper in her pub. She would charge the girls (or rippers as she called them)to work for her & fine them £10 if they were a minute late. If it was quiet in the pub the girls could end up loosing money as they only got paid tips from the punters. I'm sure the fees she charged the girls were not declared to the tax man which is why she got so rich. Not missed by many of the strippers I expect.

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