Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Olympic swimming pool opens in Kennington

Ha ha!

Thanks to Mr Onionbag for flagging to my attention the fact that because Lambeth doesn't currently offer any indoor swimming pool facilities (other than Brixton), the Council have decided to open one in Kennington. I hear you excitedly clammering and exclaiming "where, where?". You'll want to don your swimming gear and head for the former Lilian Baylis School, and go for a dip. All of those people who google this blog for keywords like kennington gym, gay gym and swimming pool in Kennington will now finally be satisfied. It is /such/ good news indeed that it has made it on to the front page of Lambeth Life, right alongside the clamp down on prostitution...

[I ought probably to mention that the pool is only 12m long. This will be a relief for those who have yet to earn their 10m swimming badge. But it's only fair of me to warn you before you get your swimming trunks on... Just make sure there's nobody else in there first :) ]

See, this is another reason why SE11 is a fabulous and spiffy place to live. It seems we have our own swimming pool.


Anonymous said...

Is the nearest proper pool over the river at the queen mother pool on vauxhall bridge road?

"It will give schools and
community groups in the area the chance to take a dip,"

Does this mean plain old residents are excluded?! Better set up my swimming group quick.

Perhaps the 3-wheeled one will investigate the legality and popularity of Lambeth Life being used so blatantly for propaganda. Especially the nauseating Orwellian offerings from council leader Steve Reed?

Anonymous said...

did you see the choice for "star letter" in Lambeth Life?

Three wheeled one said...

A quick search indicates that the nearest gym for most SE11 residents is indeed at the Queen Mother on Vauxhall Bridge Road! (That is, unless you desire a quick dip in the Kennington one before it's dismantled). Shocking!

I can't find any info. on who is entitled to use the pool. I figure you could just show up! Hopefully, there are not too many people in your swimming group, or the pool will be overcrowded.

I would deeply love to do something about the Lambeth Life propaganda rag! All I can say is that I think it's so widely known to be a propaganda rag that it existence is worse than useless when it comes to publishing propaganda.

I must confess however, that I don't generally read it unless somebody directs me there (so I missed the star letter), due to the council obviously not realising that I live in Lambeth, and utterly failing to deliver it to my abode. Do you think I should ask to have it delivered just so that I can mock? :)

Anonymous said...

A new gym just openned at St Georges Wharf. Can anyone report what it's like? Looks huge. No pool though!


Adrian said...

You got my hopes up there!!

Anonymous said...

The gym in St George's Wharf is good - big and only £15/month with no contract. There's no staff (except personal trainers) - you gain access by entering an 8 digit pin number. About 70% capacity after work but quiet in mornings.

For a pool there's always Horizons Fitness near Stockwell that has a 15m x 10m pool. Gym is nice too.

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