Monday, 13 July 2009

Dog snatching, Kennington fete, a new SE11 blog and former Lilian Baylis...

OK, I admit it, I went on holiday for a week, away from SE11 to paddle in the seas of the South West. And I didn't log on to a computer or blog or touch Twitter for any of that time! Obviously, it has been a busy week for SE11 lurkers... Here is a quick summary, for regular readers who failed to notice local things over the past week:

1. The Metropolitan Police conducted a puppy/dog grab from a residence in Renfrew Road, Kennington, where they discovered 6 pit bull puppies and 2 dangerous adult dogs. Kennington Association news blog have a link to the Evening Standard item here. It seems that the police seized about 20 dogs overall, but implies that these were from various South London addresses, rather than one address... Even still, I wouldn't be surprised if the neighbours complained about the noise from 8 dogs!

2. Kennington fete. I hope everybody had a lovely day and enjoyed the weather at Kennington fete in Cleaver Square. I really wish I hadn't missed that, but hopefully there will be another next year. Twitter user El_Nacnud has some photos, of the type that I would have taken had I been there. Please leave some comments with more links.

3. In less than the blink of an eye, somebody has formed another SE11 blog! There's always room for more local bloggers, and the new blog can be found at It comes from the keyboard of the esteemed MayorWatch blog and is written by Martin Hoscik (I'm presuming he is also quite local).

4. And for really dull hyperlocal news, (only relevant to 34082342 commuters, after all), there are some Twittery rumours floating around that lift number 2 at Kennington tube has broken (only about 2 weeks after the six month refurb). I notice that somebody finally had the presence of mind to stick a piece of paper over the sign that says that the stairs are to be used "only in an emergency".

Anything else??? Oh yes.

I'm not too sure what happened at the Special Council Meeting earlier in the week, re. all of the leaseholder issues. More info would be appreciated so please leave a comment re. the council's handling of the matter... What is due to happen next?

It appears that Viva Vauxhall had their meeting and have come out as opposed to the Bondway tower (there's a surprise!), but there's more here about that with further contact details if you want to be involved.

A certain amount of friction appears to have been generated re. the former Lilian Baylis site between ward councillors, various local resident groups and other interested parties. I'm not at liberty to paste every piece of correspondence I receive, but I am particularly interested in hearing from anybody at Lambeth Council who might be able to comment more fully on the future of the site, rather than issuing rather wishy washy leaflets without consultation dates or any mention of governance. I think the initial community consultation on the future of the site was rather weak (perhaps it was conducted at a time when residents were less vociferous), but we're now mid-recession, so perhaps the possibilities for ongoing usage might have changed. I rather get the impression that the discussions are behind closed doors, and there is no longer any room for community input, but watch this space...


Debbie O said...

Do you think they realised there is a police boarding house on Renfrew Road?

Three wheeled one said...

Whoops :) I didn't know of its existence, so perhaps they missed it too!

Anonymous said...

I thought it was an army boarding house?

Steve said...

Full Council Meeting was interesting - so many contradictions and Cllrs could, or would, not answer the questions on the ALMO.

The ALMO business plan is still not finalised (4 months into the year) and Cllr McHugh said that she would have brought in the ALMO in 2002 and all this mess would have been sorted out by now. Hmmmmmmmm....... I beg to differ.

The night after, at Leasehold Council, she seemed to admit that it was not working ...... So, is it? or isn't it? It has to be one or the other doesn't it?

An why did the Chief Exec say that the business plan had been approved by full Council ... when the night before, it hadn't?????

Also, the Borough Commander was there and gave special mention to the members of our community who make certain "lifestyle choices" in their personal lives.

He espoused to how much a of a Christian & church going man he is and that that will surely impact on his ability to do the job well (along with the help of the churches in the area). So maybe the ANC will be called upon to help those of us of a certain persuasion to choose other "lifestyles" and help fight crime.

You can imagine, the feeling of disgust amongst those community members in the viewing gallery who had made such "choices"

I think you might end up with a blog happening on that one...... insensitive to both the LGBGT community in Lambeth as well as his own officers.

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