Monday, 16 March 2009

Channel 4 umbrellas - quirky London stuff

I know it's a little bit outside of SE11 (even North of the river, shock horror), I love the new art installation on Horeseferry Road, in front of the Channel 4 Building:

As you can see from the photo (which has to be taken from across the road, to get the angle correct) it's sculpted entirely out of old umbrellas, and lit up, so that it's colourful at night. The author, Stephanie Imbeau, used umbrellas for the construction material because they are a universal item used by people in the UK, whatever their background. She, apparently likes to use items from hardware shops when designing, since they "give the materials a chance to be something other than what they were initially created to be, and it also helps me to explore my interests in the everyday and domesticity".

I'm persuaded, at any rate, and it's only a quick jog from SE11!

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Pstyle said...

hey that's grand. I hadn't seen it yet. Must pop down there on the w/end and get some snaps.

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