Saturday, 29 November 2008

RIP Franklins

I'm somewhat saddened by the response made to my post on the closure of the Dippy Egg Cafe yesterday. A reader has noted that Franklins in Kennington has been closed. Sure enough, I checked their website, which reports:

"Due to unforseen circumstances Franklins Food Emporium is closed. Franklins Restaurant and Franklins Farm Shop in Dulwich are trading as normal."

My guess is that the unforseen circumstances are the credit crunch, but I suppose there's a possibility that it might reopen.

Kennington has been rather badly affected by the credit crunch, but I'm not convinced that the worst has yet happened... At this rate, we're going to lose a lot of businesses in the SE11 area.


Pstyle said...

Anecdotally the likes of Oval lounge and Bonnington cafe are as busy as ever.

And has anyone else been to the new Deli opposite (or just on the next corner) the Bonnington Cafe yet??

Anonymous said...

there also looks to be a new bistro next to the lobster pot - anyone else been there?

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